Our Services

Monthly management Account

We provide you with all the integral monthly management reports specific to your business to help you make the right decisions to save you time and money

Finance Dashboard

We help you in developing industry specific KPI's to help evaluate your business and to make the right management decisions

Cash Flow Analysis

We conduct in-depth cash flow analysis by examining the cash inflows and outflows and discovering essential information on the current cash flow status, viability, profitability and performance

Budgets & Business Plans

 Our finance professionals have a solid understanding of company budgeting principles and develop solutions that support your financial and company goals


Our finance specialists will maintain up to date records of company income and expenditure and provide you with integral reports to help you manage your business better

Internal Audit

Adamjee Auditors provide comprehensive internal auditing services covering single process to company-wide process audits. Our finance specialists will help you uncover hidden loop holes and potential opportunities

Accounts Receivable

Our finance specialists ensure that invoices and payments are entered correctly to provide you with a clear understanding of your current cash flow

Accounts Payable

Our finance specialists will match your invoices with purchase orders in our system. We ensure that information is entered accurately help in one flow planning